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De Mahmad - - 63 ans
à Port-louis - Maurice
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Annonce ap2397
Jesus est mort et il n'est pas au ciel.

…Jesus is dead.
The Truth Message – Part – 1: … JAmen is dead.

Tomb of Jesus found in Kashmir (It’s proved &

Proofs are indeed available now to confirm that Jesus
survived crucifixion and traveled towards India to
continue his ministry among the Tribes of Israel, as
he was
commissioned, and after successful completion of his
mission, and died at the age of 120 years in India
His tomb containing his body has been recently re-
discovered—it can be seen to this day.

Hard to believe! …Isn’t it?

But yes… This is “Truth”. (…amazing discovery! It is
for the world to know)


But how is it even possible?

Jesus was crucified. And he ascended to heaven to y
Identification nécessaire !

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